@32101 (Kevacoin Official Account)
@32101 (Kevacoin Official Account)
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2021 and Beyond
2021-12-24 22:48:23
Season’s Greetings from Kevacoin Project! As we are approaching the end of 2021, we would like to thank you for your support of the Kevacoin project. We are grateful for your contribution in all aspects of the project, including but not limited to bug reports and fixes, application developments, promotion, mining, mining pools. We started to see quite a few interesting usages of Kevacoin. As for us, we made significant improvements to the iOS and Android mobile app. Everyone can access the Kevacoin blockchain from their phones, reading and writing messages, creating and selling NFTs! We took the second half of 2021 contemplating what is next for Kevacoin. The activation of Bitcoin Taproot soft-fork presents a very important opportunity for Kevacoin. The Taproot soft-fork introduces the Schnorr signature in Bitcoin transactions. Schnorr signature provides better support for smart contracts, privacy and flexibility. When used in our innovative on-chain database, it will make the database operations smaller, faster and with better privacy. Kevacoin project is a fork of Litecoin source code. However, the Litecoin source code is diverging from Bitcoin source code, and is behind in some important features, especially the support of Taproot. In order to take full advantage of the advancement of Bitcoin, we decided to fork from Bitcoin source code and re-implement Kevacoin on top of it. We will make our on-chain database a modular component to make it easy to keep up-to-date with Bitcoin’s improvement, and potentially reduce the attack surface and improve the security, performance and stability of Kevacoin. It is important to note that this new implementation is fully compatible with the current implementation, and has no impact on your Kevacoin holdings. The activation of Schnorr signature is a soft-fork, which requires the support of miners and mining pools. We will communicate with the community to keep everyone up-to-date to our progress. Another interesting research project we want to start in 2022 is a fully decentralized, high capacity, off-chain database built on the foundation of Kevacoin blockchain database. It is conceptually similar to IPFS, with the major difference that we are envisioning a federation of databases, while IPFS is for static files. This new decentralized database, once it is available, could make web3 applications much more close to reality.
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Second half of 2021
2021-07-20 15:24:46
We are back from summer vacation. This is a nice break after half a year of intensive development on Kevacoin and its various applications. It is a great time to have a retrospect of what has been done and what is still ahead of us. We have our plates full for the next half of 2021: - The public sector project will be our short term focus. We will need to upgrade our mobile app to support entering data through scanning QR code. - We will continue to improve and enhance our mobile apps. There are a lot of places we can innovate, and we will continue to improve the usability and user experience. - Bitcoin will have a massive upgrade called Taproot later this year. It brings better performance, scalability and privacy. It also opens the door for better smart contracts, which we can definitely use to improve our NFTs. We will study carefully the Taproot upgrade and bring the features to Kevacoin.
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Quick update June 20, 2029
2021-06-21 06:10:29
Some updates on what we are working on. We continued working on the public sector project. It becomes very clear that we need a Javascript library to easily access the Keva blockchain and database. We took the suggestion of @DukeFerdinand and started a new Javascript library to do exactly that. You can find the library here: https://github.com/kevacoin-project/keva-api-js This new library is immediately helpful to the public sector project. We are now able to hook up the front-end with the Keva blockchain. What is remaining is to add the feature of updating Keva data through scanning the QR code on the web page. We also update the web plugin using the new library: https://kevacoin-project.github.io/keva_ws, you can now use short code and it shows images. We enhanced the ElectrumX server so that it indexes all the key-value pairs. This allows the new Javascript library to quickly retrieve the value given the key and the namespace Id (similar to Kevacoin Core’s keva_get method). If you are running an ElectrumX server, it is strongly recommended you get this latest update. Database re-sync is required as we are adding new indexes.
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Keva on the Web - without Server!
2021-06-14 05:56:44
Access Keva Blockchain from the Web without a server: https://kevacoin-project.github.io/keva_ws/ This is just the beginning!
@32101 (Kevacoin Official Account)
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Welcome Keva the Narwhal!
2021-05-17 01:55:28
We are pleased to debut Kevacoin’s official mascot - Keva the Narwhal! In celebration of this special event, we issue 10 Keva the Narwhal NFTs, available for sale now. All proceeds will be donated to Kevacoin Community Funds. In the “Content” tab, click “Following” and enter the codes below to see and purchase the NFTs: @632414110 (Kevacoin Mascot 1/10) @632414111 (Kevacoin Mascot 2/10) @632414418 (Kevacoin Mascot 3/10) @632414419 (Kevacoin Mascot 4/10) @632414420 (Kevacoin Mascot 5/10) @632414421 (Kevacoin Mascot 6/10) @632414422 (NFT 7) @632414423 (Kevacoin Mascot 8/10) @632414424 (Kevacoin Mascot 9/10) @632414425 (Kevacoin Mascot 10/10) #kevacoin #kva #NFTs #NFT
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NFTs on Keva!
2021-04-29 03:35:07
We are pleased to release Keva Android wallet 8.5.0. Now you can trade your NFTs on Keva blochchain’s 100% decentralized trading system, without a single line of code! Create a profile, add your creative works or other digital assets, and you have an NFT ready to sell. Anyone can bid on your asset and you are free to accept a bid. #kva #kevacoin #NFTs
Our new official account is @32101 (Kevacoin Official Account). Thank you YESRVN for donating this great number!
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This is a great bidding system.😁
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Keva Official Account
2021-04-29 03:03:01
Celebrating the launch of decentralized NFTs trading on Keva blockchain.
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Thank you @YESRVN !
2021-01-31 05:07:45
On behalf of the Kevacoin project, wewould like to thank you for donating this wonderful namespace to us. We appreciate your contribution and support for our project.
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For freedom
2021-01-25 16:27:20
Make internet great again,Kevacoin
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2020-03-19 07:18:59
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