@63510789 (Yida Nft collection)
@63510789 (Yida Nft collection)
bh: 358129
2021-07-06 16:22:35
@63510789 (Yida Nft collection) Your first namespace number on the blockchain. You can play the game legend of satoshi to get free kva now. keva.app?rpg63510789 This's one small step for you, one giant leap for mankind. We need a reliable decentralized database to store data that is not owned by any big companies and entities. The decentralized internet needs a source of truth that brings everyone together. Fisrt, maybe you need some free kva. You can input rpg with your namespace number (e.g. rpg@5570511 (Kevacoin Official Blog)) or input your namespace number (e.g.@5570511 (Kevacoin Official Blog)) to open your namespace then select menu "rpg" on keva.app. keva.app You can get some free kva if you open the game Legend of Satoshi or beat new monsters once. Now you can click "+" to add new contents in your namespace. If you want to add some tags, you can input #yourtag1 #yourtag2 in your contents, then you can click or search these tags in menu "explore". Dont's forget to get free kva in Legend of Satoshi if you post some new contents. You can tell others your namespace number, or use the link like this keva.app/?@5570511 (Kevacoin Official Blog) You can click "following" in the menu "content", and follow other namespaces. @5570511 (Kevacoin Official Blog) Kevacoin Official Blog @5577271 (Kevacoin官方博客) Kevacoin Official Blog (Chinese) @5322812 (KEVACOIN Q&A) Kevacoin Q&A @62362711 (Kevacoin mind map) Kevacoin mind map @62108412 (keva.app) keva.app @61555558 (FREE KEVA) Free Keva @62441741 (CYBER UKAGAKA) Cyber UKAGAKA @62493681 (Kevacoin Server) Kevacoin Server Build Kevacoin Links kevacoin.org whitepaper github apk download explorer1 explorer2 discord twitter Kevacoin Layer2 Services keva.app kevamemorial.com galaxyos.io
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